My dreams are alive.

Within them, I do not walk, but soar. Sometimes it is wings that lift me. Sometimes pixie dust. It is as easy as breathing. I do not need courage to soar. I simply think, and then I can. Whether I wish to battle dragons, or frolic with fae, nothing is impossible. I could be a queen one day, and on a safari the next. There are no limits. I fear nothing.

My life is a dream.

Nothing feels real. There are wars being fought by the day. I must try to help, but I have no courage. My voice wavers as I speak, my legs tremble at heights, and I am weak. I wrap myself into a cocoon of false joy. I wish to emerge transformed, or into a transformed world, but that will never happen. Choices hold weight, and each has consequences. I am not prepared to face the world. I yearn to be dreaming again.

I want a world I can truly live in. A world of my dreams. A world that has yet to exist.

Author: Suditi Mukadam

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