Years back

Years ago,

I used to believe that people stayed forever,

I used to think that people never drifted apart.

Then he left,

Clutching his heart,

Fighting for life,

But death won in the end.

Years ago,

I thought that I won’t lose these people.

Then 2020 hit

And many left.

The grief took over me,

It made me so different.

Years ago,

I thought everyone online was bad.

Then, a pandemic hit

Toxicity was revealed.

My own friends left.

Then the online ones helped me.

The ones I work with

Became my dearest friends.

Years ago,

I never thought I could move on

From people hurting me.


I don’t care.

I have better people,

I have better connections,

I’m in a safer place.

Author: Prachi Saini

Editor: Ananya Chaure

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