Yes, it’s her fault


Blood all over her body,

Vagina bleeding, she was naked alone

Walking through the street, trying to breathe,

Helpless, terrified.

All those bodies, staring at her

But none help.

In the dark sky,

She had nowhere to go all along.

Slaughtered, horrified.

Ashamed of her impurity

Having a million questions but not knowing what to do.

She went home,

Realizing there's no humanity left in the world

She cried in her mothers' lap for hours

But they said it was her fault.

Yes, it was her fault

She was out at night, alone

To get some medicine for her father in pain

Wearing her regular dress, she went to the medical store

On her way, she passed by some men

And to them, she smiled.


Author ~ Eshani

Editor ~ Suditi Mukadam

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