You are my Snow-white, the fairest of them all,

with all the animals and trees answering your call

living with the dwarfs while I forage earth and heaven in search of you.

You are the one I look for in every ball, even if until midnight is all you have,

it’s your presence that I crave, a smile, a letter, a flower, a photograph,

Cinderella, my search doesn't end till I make every man on earth wear the glass slipper until I find you.

You might be cursed to sleep for eternity,

but when I find you, Sleeping Beauty, I will kiss to life with all my absurdity,

because it is you who gives me life and even though I don’t say it, I need you.

You make me drown in euphoria and are my Little Mermaid who saves me from the storm,

may it be your magical voice or your mesmerizing eyes, but you always make me warm,

and there is no man in the world who could make me, me, more than you.

You are the Beauty to my beast; you are the one I have been waiting for since eons,

you are the boon to my curse, the one all my rose petals fall for, the angel to fight my demons,

you are the answer to my questions, you are you.

You were named after the beautiful fragrant flower that you are,

having a tiger for a pet, being a tigress at heart, my Jasmine, always in my heart, no matter how far,

all my three wishes are you because, my not so demure princess, as I realize today, all I want is you.

You are the nature, wild untamed and truly real, my hero, my Pocahontas,

swift and alacritous, you tantalize me with your captivating unroyal royalty and the thought of ‘us’,

the breeze which speaks to you has taken my mind and my fluttering heart straight to you.

You are a legend to some, to some an icon,

To me, an elegant fearless feisty swan worthy of being an amazon

My dear Mulan, you are the reason I survive all my wars, the cause behind my triumph every time is you.

You have big ambitious dreams to own your own restaurant,

My dream is to be able to hold you and not get burnt,

As my supportive Frog-Princess or as my headstrong Tiana, my Evangeline is you.

You have magical hair you say, you are enticingly entirely magical I would claim,

with a Tangled obstinate obsession with pans, ducks, floating lanterns hard to tame

Your touch is enough to heal me from any pain or even get my nose correct, the magic, Rapunzel, is you.

You, they say are the Bravest of them all, with your valiant and valorous heart,

You may not need anyone else to be your counterpart,

But my audacious Merinda, it is me, who lacks you.

You with your dazzling smile, venturous mind, and fearless heart,

Managed to not only restore Te Fiti's heart but also Moana, my incubus you helped me part,

The ocean chose you to save the world from darkness, to save my world from darkness, I choose you.

You are my princess,

Astoundingly the only boy who makes me feel so very exceptionally phenomenally anxious,

I always wanted to be the knight to your damsel; the prince to your princess but now I know it is me, who can't manage without you.

Author ~ Riya Pote

Editor ~ Prisha Budhiraja

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