You ask about happiness?

You ask about happiness?

Let me tell you, happiness is watching my best friend get excited,

Happiness is watching her go crazy for shopping,

Happiness is watching her destroy her wardrobe for one dress,

Happiness is completing each other’s sentences.

The laughter is real when we tweet for each other,

The joy in my eyes is pure when she accepts me for me.

You ask about happiness?

It’s looking at the chart of the day and realizing today is good,

It’s looking at the sun and feeling its warmth in your heart,

It’s watching my dad make faces behind my mom when she is scolding,

It’s watching my grandfather sneak in sweets for me and him.

You ask about happiness?

It’s my work peeps supporting me for me,

It’s my head that looks out for me everyday,

It’s the weird meetings which make my day

And it is a ‘rare leopard’ that’s found in a group.

You ask about happiness?

It’s within me, when I look at myself with the confidence

When I love what I do,

When my art screams out my emotions,

When I eat a box of nutella

Or when it’s 6am and I dance to Taylor Swift.

Author: Prachi Saini

Editor: Adwita Chaure

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