You Broke me First

Imagine this.

Derek Shepherd was never headed back to Washington to inform the US President of his decision to withdraw from the Brain Mapping Initiative. What if Meredith had persuaded him to connect with the White House virtually rather than travelling all the way to Washington in person? What if Derek had agreed with Meredith on this idea or rather thought of it himself?

What if they had both chosen to stay at home? What if they had chosen to take some time away from others- away from the world? What if they had decided to dance it all out or share a bottle of wine or call the post-it or look at the tumour on the wall and reminisce their beautiful MerDer moments and talk about how their love was, is and will always be eternal?

Imagine this.

Ellis, Derek, and Zola would have grown up with a caring and loving father. Well, yes, their son would probably not be named Derek, but that does not matter now, does it? Ellis would have had the opportunity to spend time the way Zola did with their father. Derek would have had a father to play catch with. Zola would have had a mentor who could answer every question she had regarding neurosurgery. And the three of them could have gotten to witness the beach marriage that Ellis had thought of for her parents.

There would have been no William, Nathan, Andrew, Cormac, or even Nick. And Meredith would have had the family, the husband, and the love she truly deserved. Meredith would have had her happily ever after. Though she has always been her own person, Meredith would have always had a shoulder to cry on. She would have always had a person to go back home to and talk to. She would always have had a person who would love her even when he hated her.

And Amelia, Arizona, Calliope, April, Jackson, Miranda, Richard, Owen, and Teddy would never have felt a void that could never be filled. They would never have felt that unbearable pain. They never would have felt incomplete.

Had only Derek Shepherd taken a different decision.

A family.

A friend.

A home.

A hospital.

A love story.

They would truly be complete.

Author: V.R. Kapse

Editor: Himanshi Mehta

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