You don't know

Updated: Mar 6

I wish I did not have that fight.

I wish I didn't say that.

Sometimes, you say something you don't mean.

You say things that you never would've said under normal circumstances.

It's almost as if it was the worst that could happen, the worst-case scenario.

You should always think before you speak. Think before you utter.

You don't know what could happen when.

You don't know what the next minute holds.

You don't know what could happen to your loved ones.

Is it really worth pursuing it past that?

It's not.

There are things that are not right at the moment, but it isn't necessary to say it out loud or even yell it out loud.

Loud enough to hurt the other person.

Don't hurt others, don't hold on to something so much, that holding it can hurt you.

Holding onto any kind of relationship is like holding sand in your hands too tight.

The tighter you hold it, the more of it slips away.

Authors: Anonymous, Amol and Vaibhav

Editor: Charu Sabharwal

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