You helped me

Updated: May 31

There I was, shivering in the cold night,

When you provided me with warmth.

I was crying over my insecurities,

When you made me realize that

Goodness of heart matters more.

You made me realize so much that

I didn’t know much about myself

But now that you aren’t here

I don’t regret it,

I don’t get upset.

I only miss the moments we had

Wishing I could live them again

Only if it was possible.

Now that I’m confident about myself,

I only wish to tell you

That you didn’t break me

You helped me.

Walking through those tough teenage years,

Moving towards a better future;

I hope to see you one day,

If only to tell you

That you, my dear,

Helped me get by.

Author: Avik Saini

Editor: Srushti Saware

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