You’ve Brought Out the Color in Me

Dear Prince,

I don't know what a confession looks like. I don't know the best words to use. What I do know, however, is that I love you, and more than the just brotherly, sports-teammate way. You are my highschool crush.

I knew I was falling for you the very first time we met, I just never wanted to admit it. It was so unlike the ‘normal’. I know men don’t love men but even though that moment was years ago, the sensations I felt then and the realizations I had at the time are just as fresh for me today, because you've continued to remind and inspire me that I am valid even if I like men.

I once wished I was the princess to your Prince Charming but I am not. This change, it’s scary. For all my life I thought I’ve known I am straight as a line, but it turns out that the line is a curvy one instead. If there's anything colorful in me, if there's anything wonderful, it's because you inspired it, and you helped me realise that the world is a rainbow. You've truly helped me to realise the person I am today.

I am gay, and I accept this change in myself. I am proud of making it out alive from the cobwebs of the daunting closet.

PS. If you feel the same way, will you go out to prom with me?



Author: Anubhi Srivastava

Editor: Ananya Chaure

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