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“The world keeps spinning because your heartbeat exists.”

Sounds like a line from a beautiful romance novel, doesn’t it? But the credit for this cheesy, poetic sentence goes to none other than my best friend, Shivalika Singh.

Sometimes you meet this one person who makes you feel so damn comfortable, so at home and so completely yourself. I think I’m lucky, because I’ve met a few. But this particular friendship stands out for me because I think I finally found someone that loves people with the same intensity that I do. Shivalika, you have never once made me feel less than I am. You have never once let me feel inadequate. You have never once failed to make me feel better when I feel terrible.

You are the actual ray of sunshine in this friendship.

And I think the bond that we have is one that’s going to last, because you understand that I need space yet am possessive; that sometimes I’ll talk more but say less and vice versa; that I love the little things. You always match my energy 101%, and you always listen ever so patiently to the billion and one extremely strong opinions I have on everything. You know that I can be intense and very all-or-nothing but you never lose patience with me.

I understand that your love language is quality time, that sometimes you need me to ignore the pain and crack a dumb joke, that you are so intelligent but wary of it.

I think we balance each other out, with our varying degrees of craziness and now non-existent boundaries and crazy love for a hundred things.

I love that we can go from discussing sports to smutty books to boys, to terrorism and our dreams and people we hate.

I don’t think I have ever found good morning texts cute except when they’re from you.

And this entire thing sounds awfully cheesy, but a friendship like ours deserves to be commemorated by an emo article. Also a tattoo (which we shall get someday).

Also - I will read that F1 book soon, I promise.

Author: Ananya Chaure

Editor: Durva Shesh

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