Your Magnificent Human Body

Updated: Mar 5

For as long as I can recall knowing the answer to the question “bade ho kar kya banoge?”. I have always wanted to become a doctor. As a little boy my favourite toy had always been your typical mock stethoscope and a regular toy ambulance which was as good as Lightning McQueen. Initially, it was never about saving lives for me. It was about how interesting and captivating the human body appeared to me. The human body is made up of cells which make up several tissues. A large number of tissues make up an organ and organs are organised into harmoniously working organ-systems. As a child I was enchanted by the seamless beauty of various organs and glands that make up our body. Perfect by all means - colour, texture, and most importantly, physiological functioning. The kidneys are bean- shaped and reddish brown. The heart is red and the brain is white.

One may argue about the colourfulness of various other streams like Engineering, Architecture and fashion designing. But what makes the human body special is that it is a perfectly bio-engineered machine. Each one is sculpted as though it were a temple and is painted in a unique and beautiful shade of its own, indeed telling a story of its own. This body is given to us at birth, we hold and cherish it till death do part this soul from its physical body.

The brownness of my skin not only reveals my ethnicity or nationality but also bears whispers of the treasured secrets of my ancestry.

The redness in my blood speaks of the true meaning of courage- to stand up for change, to protest for a cause bigger than myself and to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. It is true that the strength of the collective will outweigh that of any individual. Hence, one Red Blood Cell appears to be faint yellow but when 5.5 million flow together they appear to be crimson red.

Eyes indeed, are arguably one of the most attractive physical aspects of any individual as they are able to perceive and reflect beauty perfectly. It is due to the millions of cone cells on our retina that we can perceive electromagnetic radiation through such a wide range of wavelengths. The credit for vision does not entirely go to our eyes but also to the Nervous system which translates electromagnetic radiation into electrical impulse and ultimately into a vision through the brain. In a deeper sense eyes do more than just seeing. Eyes convey and express all kinds of emotions, help us look deeper for emotions and intentions and last but not the least, they help us connect with several other individuals. Through my eyes I tell a story about my ancestry which, because of genetics, is a whole different khichdi.

I saved the best for the end. Your brain- it makes you, you. In the sulci (troughs) of my brain hidden are the things I have seen, the sounds I have heard, the facts I have learnt, the people I have met, the feelings I have felt, the pain I have bore, and the butterflies I have felt. Ironically indeed, the most colourless organ of this magnificent human body is the reason why our lives are so beautiful.

The human body is one authentic work of art. Therefore, it is true what Walt Whitman once said, “And your very flesh shall be a great poem.”

Author: Vedant Vaswani

Editor: Khushi Bansal

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