Your Perfect World

Updated: Jul 30, 2021


Dear me,

Hi there! I’d probably ask how you were but that would be redundant and stupid

considering the perfect world you live in. I guess you’re the luckier one out of the two of us. Honestly, I envy you. You live in a world where you get 100% in every examination without studying and you have unlimited screen time and no curfew while I have to rough it out in this not-so-perfect place. It’s just so unfair! But if I were to sit around moaning and groaning about the unjust decisions of god we’d be here all day. Anyway, I just thought I’d say that:

You live in the perfect world

While we’re stuck with the imperfections

Your ideal world is your gift from God

And we’re victims of misdirection

You’re lucky and I hate it

Here’s the reality of the situation

You’re a product of pure favouritism

Here I've been cursed by satan

You say women are guaranteed safety?

Let me introduce you to rape

A new inhabitant of our country

Yeah, we’re in pathetic shape

Aren’t animals just adorable?

Well guess what, they’re abused

People are dumb enough to take videos

We simply watch and are amused

Everyone is always happy right?

WRONG, people are depressed

Of course, you wouldn’t know sadness

Let me tell you, our style of living has regressed

Hey at least everybody’s healthy!

It’s not like anyone is sick

You just made me laugh

But of course, you wouldn’t know about the pandemic

People are dying

Global warming is a thing

Innocent people fall victim to discrimination

Just because they have a different colour of skin

Society is violent

Our hearts are filled with hatred

We’ve forgotten about equality, brotherhood, peace and justice

The values we once held sacred

My world isn’t as perfect as yours

My life isn’t completely filled with ecstasy

Living your ideal life for me is just a dream

My one true fantasy.

Now, I don’t even know if this letter will reach you because I’m not very well versed

with interplanetary transport. If this does, I hope you get an inkling about the world I live in. Anyway, you should get back to riding the unicorn I imagine you have in the ideal world. I’ll go back to studying maths, your best subject. I genuinely hope you realise how lucky you are not to be born like me. Now I guess there’s nothing else to say but have fun living my dream world; my biggest fantasy.

Yours truly,

Unfortunate you.


Author ~ Nandini Patil

Editor ~ Ananya Chaure

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