Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

“Oh come on Aleena! How difficult is it to use a damn firestick? It's 2022, EVERYBODY knows how to use one!”


“Oh my god, we have been friends for 10 years and y'all still fight like two year olds. Like, I’m always the voice of reason...just change the flipping language geniuses. Nora, how you have made it through law school so far, I do not know.”

Nora rolled her eyes and glared at Camilla. Watching Camilla giggle, she said, “Law School doesn’t require me to use a firestick.”

“What about all those shows you binge watch until 4am?”

“Shut up Camilla.”


The girls made themselves comfortable on the huge beige sofa that covered most of the floor of the loft, pushing aside the pizza boxes from their dinner.

“Nora, how come you don’t remember who threw the phone out of the window, my buoy? This was your favorite movie during 8th grade!”

Aleena got up and walked over to her room, returning back in a matter of seconds with a bag, scarf and sunglasses.

“Guys, how could we wander down this nostalgic path without our darling Bagwati?”

(As the movie starts playing, all three girls smile as they reminisce their childhood days. The iconic movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ had memories that went way beyond ‘Bagwati’ and ‘buoy’.)

Aleena’s Flashback - 2012:

Archie ran into class with the most excited look on his face, which was rare, because all the kid did was mope about how annoying it was to be the only guy in a friend group of 3 girls. “Dudettes, Leonela ma’am is absent today! Bring out the fidget spinners y'all, she can't confiscate them.”

I smirked at him. “What a noob! Fidget spinners? We got something better! Camilla please tell me you brought it”

Camilila mischievously smiled and searched her bag, pulling out a small red pendrive. The whole class cheered as Archie and Nora started to set up the class projector. Camilla and I switched the lights off and closed the curtains. The class eagerly quieted down as the torrented movie with extremely bad quality started to play. They didn't mind, it was the talk of the town. It was the younger generation’s ‘Dil Chahta Hai’.

Camilla’s Flashback - 2015:

"Guys, if I don't remember the formulas for calculus I'm so screwed! The board format says this chapter is worth 15 marks!” Aleena whined, looking into her laptop while the 3 of us tried to study over zoom chat 2 days before the final exam.

“Why math, why?” Nora exaggeratedly said, trying to be over dramatic but landed up falling out of her chair.

I shook my head at my best friends, not understanding why they cribbed so much about maths. It was literally the easiest subject after English.

“I give up. I am done,” Nora said as she flung her text book across the room in frustration.

“You didn’t even try,” said Aleena, resting her head on her table.

I grinned as I remembered a line from our favourite movie. I turned my face all serious, bringing my glasses on the tip of my nose for a dramatic effect, and said, “Nora, insaan ka kartavya hota hai koshish karna. Kaamyabi, naakamyabi, sab uske haath mein hai.” I motioned to the ceiling, looking up solemnly.

“I hate you so much,” Nora said laughing, “OMG BROS! LET'S PLAN A TRIP TO SPAIN!”

“YES! We’ll start by renting a car…”

Nora’s Flashback - 2017:

(Despacito plays in the background as the girls are lying down on Camilla's bed scrolling through Instagram)

“Oh my god guys, ZNMD celebrates its 5 year anniversary today! It's funny how time flies. Remember the first time we watched it? We all got into trouble for sneaking in that pendrive,” Camilla said as she sat up excitedly.

“Oh yes! And how they forced us to sit away from each other for the rest of the month,” said Aleena, propping her head on her hand. “Not like they were very successful- OH MY GOD THERE IS NO BED!” I said as I rolled to my side- and off the bed.

Archie popped his head into the room, “Hey guys, I didn't drive 3 hours from my campus to look at you all scrolling through instagram.” He looked at me from the corner of his eye “Why are you always falling down, Nora?? The video of you slipping in the middle of the moot court is still the most liked video on your college insta page.”

The gang started choking with laughter as they remembered what I would call the most embarrassing day of my life while I chucked cushions at them.

“Are you three hungry? I wanted to check out that new Spanish place down the road. I heard the ‘ze Senoritas’ there are hot,” said Archie, smirking. We rolled our eyes at him, then heard a very robotic voice go, “Now playing ‘Senorita’ from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.”

Camilla got up, grabbed Archie’s hand and started dancing as Aleena sat there shaking her head saying, “I am not going to dance.”

“Oh yes you are,” I said as I jerked her hand and started lip synching to the song.


“Guys we actually did it…” Nora said, looking out of the window as the orange rays of the setting sun hung low on the Madrid sky. Her voice trailed off, a little emotional, with tints of pride knowing that they had accomplished a childhood dream of theirs. After all these years, they’d managed to stay close and be an important part of each other's lives.

Nora and Camilla turned their heads as they heard a little sniffle from the corner of the sofa. “Aleena are you crying?” Camilla asked uncomfortably. “Camilla, come on, this is such an emotional moment, don't you dare ‘pat pat’ her and make it awkward.”

“I am going to do no such thing,” said Camilla, retracting her hand back from behind Aleena’s shoulders. “Ok, less sentimental and more happy. Let's make a toast. To us, to nostalgia, and to our fourth best friend not with us today.”

Aleena and Nora stared at Camilla, concerned. “You make it sound like he is dead.”

“Shut up Nora. Splish splash, your opinion is trash,” said Camilla, chucking an empty can at her.


Camilla edged away from Aleena while she aggressively jerked her hands, splashing wine everywhere. Nora jumped to save her white Louis Vuitton Bagwati.


The girls sang at the top of their voices, “DIAMOND BISCUIT, DIAMOND BISCUIT..”

And a guy’s voice continued the song, “JAB BHI MOOD HO KHALO.”

Camilla picked up her shoe and hurled it towards the door, reflexively.


Camilla, Nora and Aleena stared at the person by the door in shock, before running towards him yelling, “ARCHIE!”

Authors: Charu Sabharwal and Nathania Do Rego

Editor: Anika Priyaranjan

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